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People, Watching People, in Airports

Now that the sun has risen and I have put on make up, I feel like I can actually write. If you read yesterday’s post, you know that Myke and I are on our way to Florida to see his brother graduate from college. Obviously we are beyond excited to be going on this trip, but that doesn’t mean we had the same feelings about leaving our home at 4:30am to get to the airport. There are few people in the world I would do this for and Taylor Clements is one of those people. 

Sitting in an airport is always an adventure. I always bring a book with me, but I always find myself people watching instead. You see the most interesting people at airports.

A group of kids who have way too much energy for 6:30 in the morning. 

A guy who looks exactly like Bill Hader (it’s upsetting that it’s not) 

A guy who clearly doesn’t know what a haircut and shave are. 

A woman with her mother and 2 infants with strollers. 

A girl clinging onto a sweatshirt that at second glance realize it’s your alma mater, which never happens. 

A lady eating an ear of corn. Seriously.

A young woman with about 10 things on hangers 

A guy doing karate moves to make his lady friend laugh. 

People calling work and giving instructions. 

You always wonder what their stories are, where they’re going, and who they are going to see. 

We’re about to fly to Houston and then on to Tampa. If you want to see our adventures, you can follow me on Instagram at allisonbdc #clementsdoflorida

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