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Allison’s Photo Editing Challenge!

I have been interested in photography since we got married in 2011. I always loved the idea of capturing a place or a moment and having that to hold. If you have read our blog at all you can see that Myke has blossomed into a good photographer and continues to better himself. I know how to post and shoot, but when it comes to the editing process, I’m so lost.

One afternoon, my parents offered to watch the girls for the afternoon while we have a date day. Myke decided that we needed to go take some pictures at a river. However everyone else and their mothers decided to go to this place, so we found a small little place off a stream and it was a perfect place for me to practice. Then, you guys, he let me fly the drone. I don’t think anyone who doesn’t know us personally will understand how big of a deal this is. He does not let me fly the drone. I usually don’t like flying the drone, I’m too scared to. But today was the day he was going to let me fly the drone.

It was a short little outing, but so much fun! I flew the drone a little bit and a few shots I took made it into the video! Check back next week for another video!

Allison’s Photos

Myke’s Photos

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