• ipad

    iPad: Getting Work Done with a Toddler Around

    Working on an iPad solved a major blog issue for us! A few weeks ago, Allison and I were having our monthly content planning meeting where we talk about what videos we want to make, what blogs we want to write and all of that super exciting stuff I know…

  • Meghan

    Meghan at 10 Months

    Meghan turned 10 months old this past weekend. We are gearing up to have a two-year-old on our hands, but it’s very easy to forget that we have an almost 1-year-old too. Meghan is really starting to come into her own and her personality is starting to come out. She…

  • Blog,  Family

    Her Shows, His Shows, and Our Shows

    Early on in our marriage, we learned that we liked watching TV and movies together, but also that we sometimes have very different tastes. This can lead to one spouse sitting and looking at their phone, bored. This isn't great and can lead to distance in a relati

  • Baby,  Family,  Meghan,  Parenthood

    Second Child Syndrome

    Has anyone else heard of second child syndrome? This became a running joke in my family growing up. If you are unfamiliar with this joke, it was usually said when I asked why my older sister would get to do something I didn't or had something that I didn't have.