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    Oregon Trails: Portland

    Myke, me and his parents flew into Portland and spent the night at a hotel. Friday was spent in Portland and Myke’s brother and wife came in that morning. Portland will always hold a special place in my heart, especially that is where Myke and I went for our honeymoon.…

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    Oregon or Bust // Throwback Thursday

       In a week, Myke and I will be traveling to Eugene, Oregon to attend a family wedding. Because of this lovely wedding taking place, we get to pit stop in a city very close to our hearts, Portland. Portland is where Myke and I went on our week long…

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    Holland Part 3: Paris, France

    Monday was our final day in Europe. I was sad, but was distracted by excitement-we were going to Paris for the day. The last time I went to Paris I was 15, so I was happy happy happy. We only had a day, so we hit the big spots: Notre…

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    Holland Part 2: PICTURES

    Here is another peak into our trip. These include some of my little room, the play we attended, and some amazing food! I only had my phone to take pictures with, which wasn’t as bad as I thought since the camera on my phone is pretty good.    

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    Holland Part 1: The Facts

    I think the best way to start out by telling you about my trip to Holland is by giving you some of the facts about this trip first, then I can overload you with pictures. The people on this trip were me and my three pastors, our senior pastor and…