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Florida, Here I come.


Remember Taylor? My brother-in-law who proposed to his girlfriend, Niana, a couple weeks ago? Another exciting thing is happening to him. This Friday, May 2, Taylor Clements is graduating from college. He has worked so hard over the past four years and I’m so proud of him. However there is one small catch, he goes to school in Florida. Which means Myke and I and the whole rest of the clan get to fly all the way to the other side of the country.

Now I have been to the east coast, I actually don’t mind it. However, I have never had the pleasure of visiting Florida. Beautiful pictures grace by Instagram courtesy of Taylor and Niana through Instagram and I’m looking forward to seeing the area in which they met and fell in love. Every time I have looked up the weather for Florida when we will be there, it has said thunderstorms, not exactly my ideal situation. I know as soon as we get there it’s going to be hot and humid, but once I see their lovely faces, nothing will matter to me more.

Look for my adventures via Instagram, allisonbdc.

Oh and did I mention our flight leaves at 7:30 AM? #bummer

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