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Easter 2019

We had such a beautiful Easter. We were able to spend it with Myke’s entire family since his brother’s family flew in from North Carolina. We gathered on Sunday after church with my parents and had a great lunch while all three kids napped (OJ, MJ, and my nephew). When everyone was awake we had our first little egg hunt! I was also able to put together a little basket for Olivia and she seemed to really like it. It included bubbles, which turned into a bottle, crayons, chalk, a bunny, and a print out coloring page of her own Cuddle + Kind doll, Charolette. Myke busted out the camera and I shot a few myself, just to have some memories of this beautiful afternoon.

I honestly cannot wait for future Easter baskets for the girls. I’m already coming up with what I’m going to do next year. One of my favorite things to do is think about what traditions our family is going to create. I can only hope the girls will have as much fun doing them as I’m having planning them.

The “kids” with their kids. Myke’s and my clothes are all from Old Navy. Olivia’s dress was gifted to her before she was even born (I’m going to be so bummed when both girls grow out of it!) and Meghan’s bib is from Target along with an outfit from Kohl’s.

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