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Meghan at 11 Months

MJ is 11 months old. This means that she will be one year old in one month, but I don’t want to think about that now.

She surprised us all on the last day of vacation by pulling herself up on the table, which is something she has been doing for a while, and took 3 steps toward me. I couldn’t believe it. The plan was we were going to start working with her little by little when we got back from vacation. She had been walking with me holding on to her with one and two hands, but she completely surprised me by just taking off.

She has been doing it consistently since we got home and she’s getting stronger every time. She’s started just walking on her own, which is crazy because we had to really work with Olivia to get her to start walking without us.

Her personality is starting to show through. She’s starting to play with and copy us. Olivia is dying to play with her, but we still have to remind her to be gentle with her.

Meghan turning 11 months means that we only have one month left to plan her first birthday party. I already have a theme, but I’m leaving that as a surprise as long as possible. I will give a big hint: think about her name and the origin of her name.

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