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Monterey Getaway

One of the many reasons we are happy to be back in northern California is the travel. We love that you can drive  45 minutes and be at a lake, but still feels like you are hours away. My brilliant in-laws wanted to take Myke and I to Monterey for a night to escape the heat that has been happening in Sac. We were more than happy to participate, especially since I hadn’t been to that area in a very long time.

I like traveling with my in laws since they travel like my parents tend to travel-there is an agenda, but there is enough time to do things spur of the moment. We went to some fantastic restaurants and stayed at Butterfly Grove Inn. My in laws took Olivia for a nice walk in the morning and we slept in, which we were both thankful for. We got to see some great sea life and make our own agenda for when we return.


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