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4th of July Recap Vlog

The morning of the fourth, we went to the neighborhood’s little parade, which is different for Myke and I having lived in LA in an apartment. Olivia got to see a fire truck up close and a the kids on bikes so that was fun to watch her people watch. Later in the day, we had the absolute pleasure of going to a family friend’s house by the lake. It’s been quite some time since Myke or I have been by the lake. Myke has spent most of his vacations on the beach and I did a little bit of both beach and some lake. I was excited just to sit by the lake. It was so relaxing! Our friends had a little dock right on the lake and while everyone went out on the boat including Olivia (don’t worry she was wearing a life jacket) I sat back with my friend’s dad and we just talked-which was wonderful.

I made a dutch apple pie for the get together and dressed Olivia in an adorable outfit, if I do say so myself. She was a hit at the party and even played with some toys that belonged to my friends when they were little-which was so fun to watch. We also saw a deer come very close to the deck where we ate, I don’t know how perfect you could get.


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