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Ricotta Pancakes

If there is one thing you need to know about me it is that I love Fixer Upper. Anything related to them, I will be suckered in. This past year, just like every other woman, I was looking forward to Joanna’s cookbook coming out and like a good husband, Myke got it for me for Mother’s Day.

I love baking, but cooking has never been my strong suite-that would be Myke’s world. So I was really looking forward to using this book to cook for my family. We tried one recipe already and failed miserably, mostly because we didn’t have all the ingredients, so we tried again and succeeded!

We made ricotta pancakes, which according to the recipe is one of the items off their restaurant menu. Both Myke and I love pancakes so we were very excited to try a newer recipe. I really enjoyed the thinness of these pancakes. Not sure if they were meant to be this thin, but they were still good! They do have a fluffy pancakes recipe in the book as well. Since I grew up on simple (but delicious) pancakes, it was nice to have the slight taste of ricotta in the pancakes. We are looking forward to perfecting these recipes for our little family in the coming years.

As an extra little treat, we made a little video of us making the pancakes.

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