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Obsession Confession

One of my obsessions is lists. I know this is pretty weird, but I love making lists for everything and following lists. That is the way I get things done. My fiancé will most likely get annoyed (if he isn’t already) with my list making and following.

Coffee and tea. Yes Starbucks is a part of this, but what I mean is literally coffee. I love coffee, now yes I do add sugar and milk, but that is only because I’m not the biggest fan of bitter taste. Ice mochas are my favorite and chai is another favorite. I eventually want to own my own coffee shop, the big plan of my life is to become an actress, and on the side I want to open my own coffee shop and have my future husband’s comic book store open as well. We have big plans for being 22 years old, but we are taking our time and for the time being I’m looking for jobs in coffee shops to bring in money for my new family.

My friends. They are amazing. A few of them are unfortunately a little ways away from me now. But when I move back down south they will be there.

Reality show are a guilty pleasure of mine. My all time favorite are food shows. Gordon Ramsey is AWESOME. Kitchen Nightmares, Hell’s Kitchen, and MasterChef are all awesome. Chopped and Cupcake Wars are amazing as well. My fiance and I love watching food shows and we are already planning to watch Food Network practically every night. It’s amazing I’m not fat…seriously.

I am literally 100% totally and completely obsessed with 30 Rock. This show in my opinion is one of the best shows on television now. Tina Fey is not only beautiful, but brilliant and hilarious. I watch and read (she has a new book out called Bossy Pants…read it) anything she does. She is awesome therefore by the transitive property, 30 Rock is awesome.

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