• What’s a Pea Picking Cake (NO PEAS INVOLVED!!)

    At first when we read this recipe we were a little apprehensive. This cake wasn't a cake from scratch and it uses mostly packaged ingredients. I personally don't mind, but there was a part of me that worried that this wasn't like other cake recipes. However, this adventure is about baking family recipes and this used to be my mom's family's go to cake for birthdays. I have little memory of having this cake when…

  • Are these the World’s Best Cookies?

    This recipe comes from a former coworker of my mom's and she had never made them before. She couldn't remember when exactly she received them, but she did have a little bit of a memory of the cookies. They are a bit different, but they were good.

  • Buttermilk Brownies Lighter Than Air!

    I love a good brownie. My favorite ones are the thick gooey ones. If there are chocolate chips, even better, but no nuts. Never nuts. So I was excited to try a new recipe from our family cookbook, but as we always do, with a little modification.

  • Homemade Caramel Popcorn!

    The joke in our house is my Aunt Christy has never steered anyone wrong. She is my dad's oldest brother's wife, meaning she has been in the family the longest of any of the spouses. My aunt is one of the people I look up to. She is a former teacher and reading specialist, so she always bought us the best books (I thank her for my and now Olivia's love for If You Give…

  • Let's Go to Sea Quest

    QUICK BLOG SCHEDULE UPDATE: Allison and I will be pausing the weekly vlogs for a little bit as we work on a new baking series for the channel. We really want to promote this and put together a trailer, and almost treat it like a little show. So unfortunately it means we need to do a bunch of filming and editing for it, so we won’t be able to keep up with a weekly vlog.…