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Happy Birthday Meghan

One Month. It was strange to have a newborn again. When they handed her to me when I was on the operating table all I could do was cry with happiness at being able to hold her.

Two Months. She was such a great little newborn. She always let us know when she was hungry and slept like a champ! She developed a pretty good night time wake up schedule. She got herself on a routine and we were able to predict when she would wake up within 30 minutes of her waking up. She also started rolling over this month, but really didn’t get it down until next month.

Three Months. We started doing her sleep training. We used The Happy Sleeper and it was the best thing we could have done. I’m hoping to do a more in-depth post, but it really helped us help her sleep better.

Four Months. She rolled her way through this month. I love watching little babies discover simple things like rolling around from one place to the next.

Five Months. Man, MJ was growing up so fast! She started sitting up in a little booster seat and puttered around the house in her walker.

Six Months. She started sitting up on her own, and tried lemons for the first time!

Seven Months. Getting some hair growing! We noticed that OJ had very long hair, but it wasn’t thick, MJ, on the other hand, had very short hair, but there was a ton of it!

Eight Months. Crawling all over the place! Once she discovered how to move there was no stopping her!

Nine Months. Finally getting some length in her hair and showing her amazing personality! She’s so serious all the time, but once you get her laughing, good luck getting her to stop!

Ten Months. Standing up, eating some real food, conquering the house!

Eleven Months. California traveler Meghan took her first steps at Pismo Beach! Youngest Clements to visit Pismo, and even tried bacon cause dad wasn’t fast enough!

One Year. She is running around and playing with her sister, getting into all sorts of trouble and adventure, and bringing joy everywhere she goes.

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