Monday Monday Monday

Monday. This is possibly the most hated day. It’s the beginning of the week and it makes the weekend look so far away. Well for me, today was a good day so far and I would love to share with you the most wonderful weekend I had.

Ok so before I tell you too much I have to give you a tiny back story-

My husband and me (a little) are trying to loose weight. My best friend’s wedding (haha) is in August as you have heard me mention about 1,000 times already and we have decided we want to look really good, better than we did at ours ūüėČ So Myke has been doing a beautiful job and going to work out every day. Me on the other had with my cra cra schedule, have been getting there 5 or 6 times a week. We are doing a couch to 5K run and we hope to do a couple 5Ks in the next year or so. So anyway….
Friday was a little crazy for me and for him so we just decided to go take all the frustrations out at the gym and then come home relax and watch The Help as our date night movie.  The Help was brilliant and an amazing film and I cannot tell you how inspired I was by those women and how they stood up for what they believe in. The movie was wonderful and touching.

Saturday was a somewhat lazy day. We got up and worked out and then our wonderful friends called us and told us AMAZING news. So last weekend one of these friends, Rik, showed me The Whitest Kids U Know. Besides for a fair amount of inappropriate jokes they are clever and very funny. Well they were playing at one of our favorite spots iOWest and another one on the bill was Eric Stonestreet, or as you might know him, Cam from Modern Family. It was going to be a little more money to get in, but we all figured how often are we going to get the chance to see people we love do improv so close to us and for a fair price ($25). So we all went and needless to say, it was wonderful and we laughed pretty much all night. It was a good night filled with comedy and friends.

Sunday was wonderful as always, went to church and had fun. Myke wasn’t feeling so well so we came home and relaxed the rest of the day.

Today has been good for me so far, things are starting to look up for Myke and I so for that we are very excited for! 

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