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Fun Fall Activities – Apple Hill

Fall is my favorite time of year. I love the pumpkins, crisp air, sweaters, boots, and the the cider. I love a good PSL, but cider has my truly heart.   

One of the many things I missed about being up north was being close to Apple Hill. We went there a few times while I was growing up. It’s a great place to bring kids pretty much any season. One of the last times I went to Apple Hill was when my family had an exchange student stay with us for a couple weeks. We took her there and we had blast eating apples and being together as a family. 

The last time Myke was there was when he was around 8 years old and getting a Christmas tree. So needless to say we were both excited to go back after such a long time away. 

The whole time I was walking around, looking at my husband carrying our little girl I thought of how much fun it will be to come back not just for fall but for a possible Christmas tree and even blueberry season or lavender season (which I think will be just as beautiful). Plus the next time we come back, we will be bringing another little bundle of joy with us.

Check out some more pictures below and be sure to watch our video!

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