So this week went by really really fast. Like I’m not kidding. Plus Myke and I have had a terrible week last week. Like I’m talking really terrible. The biggest thing to happen was that Myke’s guitar was stolen out of our car. To give you an idea on how terrible this was for us…Myke’s guitar stolen is like Picasso without his brush, Mozart without his piano, Green Lantern without the Lantern ring, Wonder Woman without her lasso…kinda get the picture?

Anyway…this is the back story…time for HIGH FIVE FOR FRIDAY! (If you are interested in linking up or interested in the back story, here is Lauren).

1. As from the story above my husband guitar was stolen, he was being a sad sack, and I mean that in the nicest way, imagine a summer of working non stop and 7 years of hard work and play taken from you. It killed me to see him in that state, so I started looking for cheap guitars and thinking who to call for a deal. I was desperate, until there was a light at the end of the tunnel. Myke’s grandfather called him and asked how much his guitar was worth and told him to go to Guitar center and pick one out. I can’t tell you the joy I had in my heart as I watched my husband go into “The Vault” (a special room in Guitar Center) and take a guitar off the wall and play. We walked out with a brand new guitar that night along with a big smile.

2. I GOT A NEW JOB! It’s part time, but it’s still it’s a brand new job!! I won’t say where it is, for obvious reasons (internet) but still I am so so excited to start next week 🙂

3. I got two new things from my birthday order spree. One is a set of hair ties and the other is a spoon ring. I’ll try to get pictures up soon, this week has just been so busy-I forgot to take pictures. But I will I promise!

4. I have a Facebook page now. Like it 🙂

5. Did I mention I got a new job and I’m super excited!!

Thank you for all your good thoughts and prayers for us. We are looking forward to more good things happening to us, we have wanted a long time for good things, and we think they will keep coming. Have a wonderful weekend and do something you never done before!!


    • Allison Clements

      Thank you!! I am very excited to start it! I hope you had a wonderful week and now you will have an even better week. (sorry for the inappropriate delay)

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