Awkward, but still Awesome Thursday

Oh Awkwardly Awesome Thursday. Sometimes you stump me. I’m trying to think of something awkward that happend this week, but I can’t really think of too much. We didn’t have the best week ever, but we have tried our best to stay positive and stay awesome.

I will say this, one of the most awesome things that happened this week that has made this week a little better was we got our wedding pictures!! I won’t post every single picture of course. are some teasers…

5 of my favorite people
The boys had a little too much fun…

Everyone 🙂 love all of them
We hadn’t practiced our first dance, so we practiced for our pictures
We pretty much rocked it 🙂

These pictures were taken by the wonderful Blake Andrews, who is at SLOtography. He is an amazing photographer and an even more wonderful person. Check out his pictures (Bryan Davis wedding, that’s my eldest cousin) 🙂 Our album is up there too if you are interested.

Have a wonderful Thursday everyone! Weekend is almost here

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