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Christmas Stockings for the Girls

Christmas is so different when you have kids. Even though the girls are only 2 and 1, it’s so fun to share with the little things like baking cookies (Olivia helps and Meghan watches) and movies-yes I have a complete list already.

We have talked a lot about how we are going to approach Christmas with the girls. How many presents should we get them? Do we give them practical gifts or fun gifts? Do we do Santa? What do we put in stockings? While we are still discussing what we can do with the girls at different stages of their childhood, this year we are focusing on stockings. We figured this is the last year we can get away with not getting “big presents” and they will be getting a fair amount of presents from family, so stockings it is.

We went on a little adventure to scan the aisles of Target to see what “Santa” could bring for the stockings on Christmas morning. It’s hard shopping for a two-year-old. There are so many cool things, that she’s just a little too young for, and many things perfect for her age are just lame.

After an hour’s worth of searching, we settled on a few fun things for the girls and picked up a Christmas present for our nephew. On a scale of 1-to-success, it was a successful trip!

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