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JoJo's Biscuits and Family Traditions

When I heard Joanna Gaines was coming out with a cookbook, the first thing I wanted to try was her biscuits. I knew they were going to be in the book after reading about how much her family loved these biscuits. I’ve always been big on family traditions and “go-to” recipes to make whenever we’re in the mood for something delicious!

Saturdays have been a very special day for us. When we were in our first year of marriage I worked the night shift at a coffee shop 1.5 hours away from our apartment and Myke had a full-time job during the day. Saturday was our day to be together for the whole day without responsibilities. Myke would make me breakfast in bed, usually waffles on our new waffle maker and Stumptown coffee, our favorite. Saturdays continued to be a special time for us because it would be a day when we wouldn’t have work and most of the time wouldn’t have church activities. So we would order breakfast from this fantastic Jewish deli down the street and spend time together catching up on our favorite shows.

Since I’m home with the girls all week, Myke has very kindly gotten up with the girls for breakfast to give me a break. I sleep in and get to be by myself for a little bit, and it’s awesome. Ever since Olivia was on her nursing/feeding schedule I have had a rough time “sleeping in” so I usually wake up around 8:30. They have done it enough times that Olivia knows (and will tell you) that Daddy wakes her up on Saturday and they have eggs, bacon, and toast. I have to say it’s pretty adorable.

Sometimes I get up and have some food with them, but I like that they have their own traditions.

What are some of your family traditions? Let us know down in the comments below!

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