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One Year Postpartum

I’ve struggled to write about this subject for a while now. I didn’t share much on here, but back in June, I joined a medical weight loss program. I’m on a very low-calorie diet that is monitored by doctors weekly. I wanted to go on the program because having two babies back-to-back is pretty strenuous on your body.

My body and mind had been through a lot in two years. Not only two babies, but a move to my hometown and back to my parents’ house, leaving a job where I felt fulfilled, and a church where I had friendship and love. Having two kids in two years pretty much meant I had the emotions, stress, and heaviness on me for two years. After I had Meghan it came bursting out and it wasn’t pretty. I’m happy to see that postpartum depression is starting to get more of a spotlight and more people are becoming aware of just how dangerous it can be. I’m very thankful that it did not get too extreme, but there were days and nights when it was pretty bad. What it really boiled down to was I didn’t feel like myself and my weight played a big part in that.

I started the program and it was really hard, I had to discipline myself and sticking to it has been difficult. While I haven’t been 100% faithful to the program, the scale doesn’t lie.

Grand total I have lost 47 pounds and about 5 inches off my waist. I may rotate out of the “weight loss” part soon and enroll in the maintenance portion and get back into working out, very soon. I’ve been dying to work out and run again. Like my legs have been itching to go! Part of my goals in 2020 is to run another half marathon. I have a couple in mind already and have them marked and hopefully, I will make at least one happen. Luckily this program has an exercise therapist that helps you with a work out routine to help maintain weight.

I write this not to pat myself on the back, it’s to encourage you. It is possible to find yourself again after babies. I’m still on my journey and I don’t think I’ll ever be fully done, but I’m happy that I took the first step. Not just for me, but for my girls. Ultimately it is all for them. To show them what healthy is and to give them memories of running around with their mama.


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