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Growing and Tuning Up

June 7, 2007

It was June 7. The year was 2007, it was the day that I had been working toward for four years. I remember sitting in the Memorial Auditorium with my best friend sitting next to me (we always dreamed of graduating high school together) in Sacramento thinking how grown up I felt. I remember thinking how excited I was to be going off to college and becoming an adult.

Before I knew it, it was May 7, 2011 and I was sitting on my university’s football field with three of my closest friends to my left and the love of my life on the other and I remember thinking about how far I had come. But I always was thinking about how far I have to go.

May 7, 2011

I wrote a post a while ago talking about how I felt my childhood slipping away because as of last year, there will be no more Harry Potter movies, which part of me still believes. The movies came out when I was around 12 and now I’m 22, I think I can be sad about them being over, however I still have the books.

Anyway, the reason I’m writing about this is the past few months I have felt this desire to update my life so to speak. Not people or things, just clothes and style. My friend and I were talking about updating our looks a while back. It has nothing to do with impressing anyone, if there is anyone to impress, I think we just want to impress ourselves. We talked about how we had graduated from college and we feel like we just need a tune up on our looks.

However, I think everyone goes through something like this. I think people have to have a time (or two) when they reevaluate themselves, but I don’t think it’s a bad thing when it is in a positive way. For example, I don’t see myself as a bad person, I just think the outside should fit how I feel on the inside.

Model Outfit. Found on Pinterest

Last night at work, I was talking to my Liz and another employee, Tegan about updating my look. They both agreed that every girl kind of goes through that and especially since I graduated and got married it feels like it would be natural to want to tune up my look. Liz is going to help me, so I’m super excited about that.

So I guess that’s my story now. I’m going to attempt to do a make over on myself, not change myself completely, just a tune up, so it would be easier and more fun to grow up.

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