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OJ & MJ's Favorite Things (Toddler Holiday Gift Guide)

Has anyone else noticed that Christmas is exactly ONE WEEK AWAY? How insane is that? I feel like it creeps up quicker every year. In the spirit of the holidays, I thought it would share some of the girl’s favorite things lately. Hopefully, this will spur up some last-minute gift ideas. Most of the things are available through Amazon. Obviously this is mostly toys, but I can also share some food favorites of theirs as well.

Melissa & Doug Wooden Cutting Food Set. My mother in law gifted these to Olivia for her birthday and she is obsessed with them. She loves “cooking” with them and eating them. She has practiced cutting with the knife and I’m impressed that she is getting the technique down. While Daddy handles the big silver knives, Olivia can handle the wood knives.

B. Toys Wooden Play Kitchen and Accessories. The kitchen that we have includes plastic plates, bowls, cups, silverware, and some cookware. They play with these all over the house, especially when we cook in the kitchen.

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie Amazon TV show. This is our go-to in the morning lately. Olivia has been putting tougher sentences so well since watching this consistently. She even tells me stories of what the animals did throughout the day. Meghan dances to the music and it’s so adorable.

Wooden Puzzles. They absolutely love puzzles. I don’t know what it is, but they love them. Meghan takes them off and usually throws the pieces off to the side. I love them because it’s an easy way to help them learn animals and letters. Meghan is already able to point to cow and tell me that it says “mmm” (in case you needed to know). This one is the most recent one they received.

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