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We Visited Daddy at Work!

My mom has her house cleaned every couple weeks and so to get out of their way, I take Olivia out for a few hours. For this particular afternoon’s adventure, we visited Myke at work. We were able to go to his office, meet everyone there, and put names to faces. I had been craving some Jamba Juice and there was one by his work, so we went there for lunch.

Since I’m home for the time being, I do like that we can take a drive and visit him at work. He gets a little visitor during the day and we get to see him. I snapped this picture while we were together and I have to say it is one of my favorites (and that’s a difficult decision). There is something to seeing your husband with your child in his arms, especially a father and daughter. He just adores her and she knows that he does and she soaks up every bit of it, mostly because he gives her treats aka food.


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