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Like any other girl I love a good old fashion day of shopping. Shopping for the home, me or for someone else, it’s fun especially with my girlfriends. However, there is one type of shopping I can’t stand to no end…

Jean shopping.

Hear me out on this, buying jeans to me is like a song that is stuck in your head, annoying. I know this is not the same for every single girl. The jeans that I own are either too short or too big. With girls, sizes are different in different stores so it’s rough if you like one store and there isn’t one close to you. For example, I buy jeans at Old Navy, they fit me better than other places, but unfortunately there isn’t one that is that close to me. Thus, here is my story…

I wear a certain type of jeans at work, not the skinny jeans I usually wear. The jeans I usually wear were extremely dirty from work so I made the decision to attempt to go to Target and find another pair of jeans for work…key word here is attempt. Now here is something to remember: I am not a picky shopper, I want clothes to make me look good, that’s the number one thing obviously. But I don’t care if they are a little big, I actually prefer it for work.

I obviously go to the girl section (side note: this is a big deal for me, when I go anywhere with my husband we immediately go to the guy’s section-never to the girl’s section first)…

Obstacle 1: Finding your size.

Apparently there are 6 styles or fits as they are called at Target  and of course all the different sizes. So I figure, at Old Navy, I’m a size 6 or 8, depending on the style. So I grab an 8, to be on the safe side. I grab a couple different fits again to test the waters. I go and try 3 different sizes…

Obstacle 2: “I’m so fat” moment.

Now I’m not skinny by any means, but I’m not big either, I consider myself a good size, I’m not ashamed of my weight (I can be toner, but that’s another story). However every time I try on jeans, I have the moment where I think I’m bigger than I really am. Again, I tried on size 8 in different sizes. One pair was too small, another I couldn’t keep on and the other one made me look like my butt ran into my legs. I had the moment every girl has-I looked at myself in the mirror and sighed. I stood there and thought of something that might help me.

I decided to try on some guy jeans. Why? Because guys have it a little easier than girls do. I tried on 2 pairs of guy jeans and neither worked, but one pair fit me better around the waist then any other girl jeans I’ve worn, they were just way too long. When I told my husband he just laughed and said girls just stress over the look of jeans more than guys do. This is true 🙂

So in the end, I have come to the conclusion that shopping for jeans for both genders, guys may have it a little easier than girls, but that is only because they are a little more relaxed about jeans than us girls are.

Needless to say, yesterday’s jean shopping trip was unsuccessful, but I’m sure I’ll be at it again soon.

Thanks for reading my venting experience. I hope you are luckier than I am in your jean shopping experiences.

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