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Here we go again

Baby number two is on the way! We are beyond excited to have another little one joining us in November of this year. We will now move on to the question portion of the post:

How are you feeling?

Much better. The first trimester was AWFUL. I was sick pretty much the whole time, which is not ideal when you aren’t telling anyone at work. I snacked and drank water as much as I could. Eating made me sick-no throwing up, just super nauseous all the time. Try concentrating doing interviews with a smile on your face while trying not to thinking about your stomach and how much you don’t want to faint.

Was this planned?

Yes and no. We knew that we wanted one more child, but to be honest after everything that happened with Olivia, I was really fighting it. Without going into too much personal detail, I’m really glad it happened the way it did because if it didn’t, I don’t know if I would have had the emotional strength to have another one. Just being honest.

Are you ready to be mom of 2 under 2?

Is anyone really? I’ve gone it over in my head many times and all I keep coming back to is there is a reason for this child to be in this world. I truly believe the God allows this to happen for a reason, just like Olivia’s coming home story and I think me having two babies in two years is part of it. I have no idea what he is doing or what the plan is, all I know is that his way is the way and I will be leaning on him A LOT more now.

Is this really why you moved?

Yes and no. We knew that God was going to be doing something in our lives and when we found out that I was pregnant, we thought this was it. We slowly started to talk about how much we wish we were closer to family now more than ever and how difficult it would be to raise yet another child in our way of life. We prayed about the whole thing and told God to give us clear sign the the move was the right thing for us. A week later, we got the letter from our apartment and Myke looked at me said, “I guess we have our answer.” Overall we were excited to be closer to family, baby 2 is just a great addition.

Do you have a name?

Yes and it’s perfect.



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