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We Will Never Forget

I remember waking up and my parents had the news on. Nothing odd about that. Except one thing, Mom and Dad were both watching. My dad usually read the paper and mom would make breakfast and read another section and the news would be on as background. Both of their eyes were glued to the TV and both were silent. I got breakfast ready and watched with my parents. They were talking about a plane being hijacked and a building getting attacked.

I wasn’t too sure what was going on.

When I got to school, it was almost as if school was “cancelled,” every teacher worked together and put together a quick history of the buildings and why they were so important to America and why this was such a big deal.

The one thing I remember most about that day? Sitting in 7th grade history class, we were watching the screen when the second plane flew into the second tower. I cannot explain the drop I felt in my stomach.

I watched the towers fall that day. Live on TV. It was horrific and terrible. I’ve wanted to go to New York before this happened, now I want to go even more to pay my respects.

I will never forget that day. America will never forget this day.

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