H54F: Looking on the Bright Side

I’m not going to lie to you, today was rough. Work was just emotionally draining (I talk on the phone for 8 hours…customer service at a luxury day spa). Different people different stories. I usually get nice people, but today people just seemed out of it. However not all of it was too bad.

1. A sweet lady calls me to schedule an appointment, normal. She is one of our lovely members and she proceeded to tell me that her husband threatened to take away her membership because of the money (of course), but he forgot about it. So she is sneaking off to the spa while he plays basketball in the morning. All I could do was laugh because she was laughing too. That made my afternoon.

2. I come home and Myke is waiting for me to go see our movie for tonight. My present from Grandma arrived today!! Remember the sale at Anthropologie and how I have the best Grandma ever? Well those were 2 out of the three things I picked out, the other tank was sold out, but I think I’ll survive.

3. Tonight’s movie was Premium Rush with Joseph Gorden-Levitt. I hadn’t seen trailer for it, but we both love Joseph so we were good to go. So I put on my new skirt and we went and got hot dogs and watched the movie. This movie was good! The action was brilliant and the effects were unique and very creative. You have to go see it. It is a “action” movie, think car chases but with bikes. Trust me, doesn’t sound that exciting, but they made us sit on the edge of our seats!

4. When I got home, one of my managers called to see if instead of opening and being on the phone all day, I would close at the front desk of the spa. That means I get to sleep in! I was wishing and hoping for a relaxing day tomorrow and I am going to have a sleep in day with my husband, which I adore.

5. Posting and linking up with Lauren is one of the highlights of my week, so I think that is a good way to end it. Thanks Lauren!

I hope everyone had a beautiful night and has a fabulous weekend!

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