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A Typical Day with the Girls

I’ve been a stay at home mom for a little over a year now. When I first started, it was mostly because when I was pregnant I didn’t feel comfortable applying for jobs just to leave them a few months later. I worked in recruitment in Human Resources, but I was happy that I was able to be home with Olivia for a short time before another one joined the family. The plan was I would apply for jobs once Meghan was a few months old. Long story short, after many applications and a handful of interviews, nothing happened for me, but I was able to provide care for my babies and I have to admit I am enjoying it. I have days when I’m miserable and I want nothing more to go to work, but I have found other things to help me.

One of the biggest things that helped me was making a schedule for myself and especially for the girls. I will admit, I only created this schedule a few months ago, when Meghan was able to adhere to more of a structure. Days change when we have appointments or an event, but this the basic structure of their day.

7:00 Wake up. The girls are now in one room and so they typically wake up around 6:30, but I like to let them wake up on their own. They also talk to one another in the morning which is super cute to listen to.

Breakfast. We have been giving Olivia smoothies in the morning since Myke has been making them. Before I went on my diet, I would make them and she inhaled them. Sometimes we make eggs, toast (especially if Papa is home), and yogurt. Meghan still has her bottle.

Play time/Walk. This depends on weather, with it starting to get cooler, we can go in the afternoon now too, so I tend to mix it up just to keep it interesting.

11:30 Nap time. I put them down around now and then they will typically talk to one another and just get comfortable to go to sleep around 11:45-12 and they are down for about 2 hours.

Around 2. Whenever they wake up, we have lunch and Meghan has her last bottle for the day. Olivia will have a sandwich, a pouch, and yogurt or applesauce.

3-4 Walk and Play. Again this depends on weather. Sometimes it’s just the backyard playtime.

4 Daddy comes home. Olivia will wait by the door when she hears the garage opens. Meghan is starting to get excited when he comes through the door too which is adorable.

5:30 Dinner time. If you have read our other post, you have read that we have to keep it a little interesting for Olivia. So we will mix up dinner for her and give Meghan her baby food. I usually feed Meghan and Myke will make our dinner. We have gotten to a point where we can actually eat with the girls and have a family dinner, which has been a lot of fun.

6:30 Bath time. I take Meghan first, then Olivia follows.

7:00 Bed time. Myke reads them a story and then puts them down to sleep. They typically don’t go to actual sleep until about 7:30 or 8, but they are in their beds, sometimes reading and sometimes just talking.

When I think back on the days when I would sit in hour traffic just to get to work, I’m always extremely grateful for where I am. I remember sitting in the car thinking about OJ as she was in daycare all those miles away and I longed to be with her. I’m so thankful that I have this chapter in my life. I don’t know when or even if it will end, but until then, I’m soaking in every minute of being with my girls.

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  • Piper

    Having a schedule really does give us stay-at-home moms some level of sanity! Thanks for sharing yours. I’m inspired to try the earlier nap time and do lunch afterwards. My older kids are all in school this year, but I still have my 3 year old with me. Not sure if it’s easier to just have one….she’s definitely getting bored with just me 🙂

    • Allison

      My two year old is so tired of me! It cracks me up. When my husband comes home or we go to my in laws, I don’t exist! 🙂 the earlier nap has totally helped us-hope it helps you too!! Thanks for commenting-let me know if it works!

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