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T13: Rainy Day Reads


Today I’m linking up with Aunie with her Thursday 13 list. Today’s list is all about rainy day blog reads. Now I live in LA and we never know when rain is going to hit and for how long. However it is nice to know that these blogs are always on hand if the rain ever gets me down.

1. The Small Things Blog: Kate gives great hair and make up advice. She needs to be in your blog readings if she’s not.

2. From My Grey Desk: This is Kate’s sister Lauren. She is a lady who loves her clothes and cats. Her outfits inspire me to be more creative.

3. The Kinch Life: I just love Aubrey. I wish I lived next door to this woman and her adorable family so I could hang out and go shopping with her.

4. Sunny with a Chance of Sprinkles: Chelsea is possibly the sweetest blogger I have ever contacted. She is a joy to read about and her daughter is just about the cutest little thing. I look forward to having coffee with her some day.

5. Brittany’s Joy: Brittany is actually my sister’s best friend from college. I’ve always secretly admired her for her clothes and her DIY crafts.

6. KV’s Confessions: I love Kristen Victoria’s  [KV] style, music choices, and she is an amazing graphic designer

7. Cupcakes and Cashmere: Emily’s blog has amazing advice when it comes to decorating and clothes and her photos are beautiful.

8. still being [molly]: Molly’s clothes and faith are two beautiful things that I look up to. She is also in the middle of a beautiful adventure of becoming a mommy.

9. The Daily Tay: If I need a good laugh or know who is having a better week than I am, Taylor’s blog is a great place to go.

10. Okay, Allison!: Her personality and tattoos are both things to be admired. Plus she has the same name as me, so she is automatically awesome.

11. Framed Frosting: Danielle is a blogger that I wish I was like. Her outfits are beautiful and she has an amazing attitude.

12. Lovely Little Things: Jessica just become a certified personal trainer. She inspires me with her health and fitness.

13. Aunie Sauce: Of course Aunie is on here. Why wouldn’t she be. She  inspires me every day.


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