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It’s A New Season

For the past few weeks at church, we have been talking about how it’s going to be a new season for us and for our church. Our pastor feels that God is calling all of us to a new season. I have to admit, when he first started talking about it the first thing that came to mind was my job situation.

I don’t hate my job and actually if Myke and I could, we would have me work there just because. I like the people there and I enjoy going to work. However, the money was barely helping us make ends meet. It was starting to get really frustrating. I started to feel unappreciated at work, especially when I brought it up with my boss because nothing changed. 
So I continued looking for a job. 
Anywhere that would hire me. Which turns out was nowhere. I was starting to lose hope, until we came back from our church leadership retreat. Our pastor had talked about it being a new season and I felt a sense a peace. I didn’t know what it was, but I knew that Myke and I were going to be ok. 
A few weeks passed and nothing really came up for me. I was starting to feel a little discouraged. Until my friend called me. Now this friend works at Paramount Pictures. I have dreamed about working at a movie studio doing anything for as long as I can remember. She said that the page program had a bunch of openings and that I should apply. You know how 30 Rock is my favorite show? you know Kenneth? He’s a page on the show and I will basically be him. Just not as crazy. 

So I sent her my resume and her and her friend, who had been in the program. They helped me make it noticeable and I will forever be grateful to them.  
I posted about this awhile ago and told you how much I wanted it. Well they called me in for a second interview and I was nervous and excited all at once. 
Turns out it wasn’t a second interview. 
It was a job offer. 
You are now reading the words of a member of the Paramount Page program.
You do not know how happy this made me. I cried, I laughed, I asked if she was serious. I got in my car and I just started thanking God. That was why I did not get those other jobs. I was being prepared for this job. Thank you for all of your prayers and good thoughts. 
It will truly be a new season for me. But a very exciting new one! 


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