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This past weekend as everyone might have guessed from my last post was my birthday. Oh and what a fun birthday it was. It doesn’t take too much to make me happy, mostly because I was just happy that I could be with Myke and my friends in the same weekend as my birthday. That was a pretty good present in itself. One of the biggest reasons I haven’t been a very good blogger is because Mommy flew me home (well my old home tows…that’s weird) for a short but sweet visit because she wanted to see me my birthday weekend. So we are going to do Movie Review Monday on Tuesday…hope that’s ok..

To refresh everyone’s memory, I went and saw Snow White and the Huntsman as part of my birthday present from my wonderful hubby. Well I have to say, the movie as a complete movie was beautiful. The computer graphics and the costumes were amazing! However the part that bummed us out the most was Kristin Stewart. Oh honey…(HIMYM anyone?…) why are you still acting? Am I seriously supposed to believe that you are the more beautiful than Charlize Theron?? Oh please… Oh and your acting skills need work if you are going to do an awesome movie with her and CHIRS HEMSWORTH (swoon). I didn’t believe for one second that they would ever get together, why would Chris go down in the looks factor? Chris (we are on a first name basis, just becuase) needs a hot woman as his leading lady. Besides it has already been decided that my friend gets him…or his brother…whoever she sees first. Anyway… out of 5 stars I would give it 4. I would recommend going to see it, but try to grin and deal with Stewart (we are not on a first name basis). Go see it at least for the graphics and costumes! Big screen would be fun, but blue ray and your TV will do just fine as well 🙂 Good job movie crew!

The rest of the weekend was wonderful. Friday night my husband surprised me by taking me to the mall to spend my Gap card that his parents got me. Purchased some awesome shirts to go with my even more awesome shorts. Then he REALLY surprised me by buying me TOMS. RED TOMS. For those of you who know me/don’t know me/knew me in the past/want to get to know me more there is one thing I love…TOMS. if you want me to be a happy camper, TOMS is a good way to go. Now many people don’t like them, and that’s ok, they aren’t for everyone, but they work wonderfully for me 🙂 I was happy.

Saturday I went to my lovely friend, Alicia’s bridal shower, and then hang out with my hubby and our good friend Rik who introduced me to The Whitest Kids You Know. Too funny! It was fun to just relax and hang out. Then we went to a friend’s house and hung out for the rest of the night.

Sunday was nice, Mom flew me home Sunday night and I have spent the last day with her. It was nice and weird to be home. I got to see my best friend (the one getting married) and talked wedding and how awesome and fun wedding planning is. It is always good to talk and hang with her. Mom took me shopping-bought me a few things, cause she’s awesome.

All in all it was a good weekend and I’m currently writing this in the Sac Airport, waiting to fly home. However my flight is delayed-hence the extremely long post…my bad. I hope everyone had a good weekend and a good start to the week.

Until next time!

P.S. don’t get chai from Starbucks! (sorry Starbs-still love you) Try Coffee Bean 🙂

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