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We Finally Got Rain

Yesterday, we finally got some rain here in Sac! As former LA residents, we were very excited to see this rain. It was a great end to a great day.

I was treated to a pregnancy massage by my mother in law at the beautiful Wine and Roses Spa in Lodi. We ate at the Towne Corner Cafe and Market in the same facility and I had a delicious crepe. The spa is absolutely beautiful with areas to relax on the inside and outside. We opted to stay outside since it was such a beautiful day out. Both of our massage therapists where amazing and everyone was very sweet to us as we arrived and left. 

I have to admit, I was a little nervous to get a pregnancy massage since I had never had one before. Earlier in my marriage I worked at Burke Williams Day Spa in Pasadena, CA so I knew my way around a fancy spa. I knew what they were going to say to us as we walked in, I knew the little tour that I was going to get of the facilities, there was a robe waiting for us in our locker (an extremely comfy robe I might add!), and I knew what the massage entailed, but I had no idea how I was going to feel afterward. I love massages, but being pregnant, sometimes there are things that sound good and some things that don’t. However this was incredible. I told her where I had been a little sore and she did a fabulous job attending to my needs and explaining everything that was going on. Thank you Christian!

Where was Olivia during my time of relaxation with my mother in law? Hanging out with Pops (my father in law), which she absoulty loved. They played, she ate and napped a little, and then played some more. He even got out his ukulele and guilele and she was playing with those when we came home. It is true, I missed her while I was gone, but it was good to be relaxed and refresh myself for her. Plus I love that she spent some time with her Pops.

When Myke got home and it started to rain a little bit, we took Olivia outside for a little play time in the rain. She seemed to enjoy herself and even splashed in a few puddles. We may need to get her some boots before real rain season comes.

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