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H5FF-Birthday Post

Let’s jump right into it shall we?…

1. Today is my 23rd birthday and I have already been showered with love from family and friends. It’s funny how I still get excited for cards in the mail, maybe it’s because we don’t get much…but that was yesterday and I loved every single card! Thank you!

Cards from Grandma, my aunt, in laws, and God parents (there were also gifts) 🙂

2. Tonight as date night/my birthday, Myke is taking me to see Snow White and the Huntsman. SO EXCITED! I’m not the hugest Kristin Stewart fan, but put her next to Charlize Theron and Chris Hemsworth and I’m there!

3. Myke mentioned a few birthday surprises that I’m going to get. One he had to tell me about because I’m not going to get it for most likely a while. I have been going on and on to him about how I want to do Birch box, they are a wonderful company that send sample products to your door for a small price each month. Well the sweet man went online and tried to buy me a subscription…only to find out we have been put on the waiting list…he was sad, but put me on the list so when the email does come, I can get it whenever. YAY!!! So excited for when it comes!!!

4. Mommy is flying me home on Sunday night for a little time with her and my best friend Shan. My dad is currently on a missions trip with Athletes in Action, a Christian sports missionary company and he is gone for a couple weeks. So she thought it would be nice for me to come home, especially since she is taking a few days off as well. I’m looking forward to some time with her and a few friends 🙂

5. Is it creepy to say that it’s awesome that it’s my birthday twice? Is that ok for the H5FF rules? Oh well, I’m doing it anyway. Here’s a fun fact though: my husband and I have been together total (dating and marriage) about three and a half years and we have never EVER celebrated our birthdays together (his is in August). We have always either been home or on vacation. So this will be the first time ever we are celebrating a birthday together. 🙂

Have a wonderful Friday and link up to other High 5 posts below!


  • Britty

    YOU’RE ON BIRCHBOX?! OMG I wanted to subscribe so bad, but I know that once I started getting it I would have the HARDEST time stopping the deliveries if needed.

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