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Saturday Morning Coffee

Today is a morning that I NEVER have off. So when my boss called asking if I would be willing to close on the busiest night during our busiest holiday I screamed YES because that meant one thing. 
I got to sleep in and be with my husband all morning. 
We used to have a Saturday tradition that we would eat doughnuts and milk in bed. Then usually a trip to the gym was added in. Then we would sit and be together, since we weren’t together for most of the week. 
This morning, we got to experience that tradition once more. Myke went and bought doughnuts and milk while I slept in. Then we finished How I Met Your Mother season 7 on Netflix. We now have to wait one more year to see the new season. However, now that we are done with HIMYM we can watch two of our other favorite shows that we bought on Black Friday. 
The Big Bang Theory and Fringe. 
I’ll be posting about each of these soon. But for now. I’m going to go be with my hubby for a little while before I have to go to work. 
I hope everyone has a wonderful, wonderful Saturday. Remember to hug someone you love even more today. Also pray for the Sandy Hook families.
Pray for peace and rest. 


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