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Last week was hard. I’ve always known that there were going to be good and not so good seasons when you have a baby. This last week was one of those not so good ones. Olivia started waking up once every night and that was starting to take a toll on me. At first we didn’t know what the heck was going on. We thought it was a growth spurt since that has happened a few times before. The morning after she woke up for the second time, I put her on the changing table and she started screaming, which never happens. However, because of her screams I was able to see not one but three teeth coming in! I was so surprised, she hadn’t been complaining all day and had been napping like a champ so I thought it was something else.

She woke up a couple more times, but woke up later each time until finally she woke up at 6am, which was perfect for me.

It may sound silly that I’m complaining about her waking up for a few days, but keep in mind-this girl was sleeping through the night at 3.5 months and every so often would have a night or two where she would wake up or not go to sleep. To abruptly just not do that was a shock to all of us because she doesn’t really complain about things.

Last week was hard for her and also for me. Being pregnant while having a little baby is no joke. Before I was pregnant and she would wake up, I would jump out and be pretty much awake and just know that I was going to be gulping down coffee in the morning. I don’t drink coffee when I’m pregnant so I knew that wasn’t an option. Plus she wasn’t only fussy at night but fussy during the day. Just to put it out there, we do give her baby Tylenol, but I’m very careful about giving her too much. Not that it has ever been an issue, I just don’t feel like I’m pumping her full of it unless I know it is helping her, which giving her about 2 doses seemed to really help, especially having one at night. We haven’t given it to her since she slept through the night once again, especially because we saw two of the three popped through!! That last one is annoying me, it’s sitting there in her gum. You can see it but it’s not coming through.

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