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First Family Vacation With Toddlers

This is the first big vacation for the Clements family in quite some time. When you have two kids back to back, vacations can be few and far between. So needless to say, we were extremely excited about this trip. Not only was it our first big trip in a while, it was also our first trip with both girls.

Of course, with any trip you need supplies! So the Saturday before the trip we packed up the girls and headed to Target to load up and test out our new GoPro Hero 7. With a few little accessories, it really is a great little vlogging camera!

We were so excited, we spent most of Saturday and Sunday evenings sorting out what we were bringing, grabbing things from the garage and packing our suitcases.

Monday rolled around and we popped up bright and early to do that last-minute packing scramble and get the car loaded. Once everyone was up and dressed, we hopped in the car, grabbed a little Starbucks and headed down to Lodi.

Once we got to Lodi we let the girls get their wiggles out and hung out with the Carolinians who had flown in the previous day. It was fun to see Olivia and her cousin Judah causing trouble and just running around excited.

Finally, we loaded up one last time and embarked on the 4 hour trip to the central coast. Once arriving in the nearby town of San Luis Obispo, we partook of our traditional lunch at Firestone Grill and then obviously had to walk around the lovely downtown area.

It was a great start to a wonderful week filled with adventure, fun and a ton of great food. Check back next week for Part 2!

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