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When the Girls are Sick

We just finished another round of sickness in our house. Luckily I did not get the bug, even though I spend all day with them. Unfortunately, it was mostly Meghan who got congested and a little cough. Olivia got away with just a light cough. When one gets sick, I usually try to keep the girls together so the germs can pass between them and then hopefully get out.

I’ve been through few sick seasons with little babies and I thought I would share some of the things I have learned to do when they are sick and when they are showing signs they are feeling better.

  1. Humidifiers. The first time Olivia got sick, we bought a humidifier and it changed everything for Myke and me. We bought a warm mist humidifier but since then we have also invested in a cool-mist one for Olivia’s room. Now that they are in one room, we use the cool mist one because it can go longer.
  2. Tylenol and Water. When babies are Meghan’s age, it’s difficult to give her anything other than Tylenol. The good news is that if she were to have any sort of fever, this would help. Olivia could have a little bit more, but I do make sure to give them both water when they are sick.
  3. Sanitize EVERYTHING. When they are sick, I wash the things they use every other day. This includes sheets, bath towels, and the clothes they wore. This does get a little overwhelming, but I promise it is totally worth it when you start to see them feeling better. Once I start to see a real turn around, I sanitize their toys. Since they have a lot, I do it every couple of days until they are better. Once they are better I do one final big wash of everything-sheets, clothes towels, and toys. These are the wipes I use. I keep them sanitize things every couple weeks, just to keep germs out of the house in general. When they are sick, I stock up again.

Hopefully, these things will help you the next time your little one isn’t feeling the best. Let us know if there is anything you guys do when your little ones are sick.

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