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New Show Obsession

So now that I have cable, I have been taping shows that I would not normally watch. Sometimes I watch them in real time, but sometimes I have to tape them because of work or other shows. There has been a show that I have always wanted to watch and now that I have cable and DVR I can watch it!

Rizzoli and Isles. 

It’s a cop show, but the two main characters are women.

Basically, it is a “girl” show set in a mainly male world. It’s kinda cool to see some girls kick some booty. Right now the TNT is showing the first season and the new season starts at the end of November.

I’ve always secretly wondered if I could ever make it as a detective, I probably couldn’t, but I like to think that I could have if I really wanted to. If I was a detective, I think I would be like Angie Harmon in this show. She’s emotional when she needs to be and serious when she needs to be. I’m enjoying Rizzoli and Isles so far.

Oh and I guess I should say something about the election…
Congrats Obama. Sorry Romney, you ran a good race.

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