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It’s Raining on Graduation Day



The sole reason for visiting Florida was to see my brother-in-law graduate. This of course meant that we had to look a little more daper for the event and I jump on that train any time I can. However, having never been to Florida I had no idea what to expect, when I looked up the weather and it said thunderstorms, but 80 degrees, I put a quick outfit together that I just prayed would work out.

It ended up raining all day long, but it was on the warm side. Wearing a dress was actually the best move I could do. I was a little worried about my shoes, mostly because they had holes all around them, but my feet stayed dry. In case anyone ever wondered, this is my hair in its natural sate. The only thing in that hair is Frizz Ease. Other than that, it’s all me. I actually don’t like my hair like that, but when your husband says you look good-who am I do deny him?

Dress -Target (last season)
Jacket – Old Navy
Shoes – Old Navy
Necklace –  etsy
Lipstick – Rimmel Kate Moss line #12
Rose Gold Bracelet Stack – Forever 21.






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