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Sick Bug and Meghan at 8 Months

We just got over a sick bug in the Clements household. Olivia seemed to get it first and pass it to Meghan, of course. Myke got the annoying and lingering cough and I somehow escaped it. I don’t know how, especially with being around the girls 24/7, but I did and I’m very grateful.

Other than that we are just going through the motions over here. Sweet Meghan turned 8 months old yesterday and I have to admit, I can’t believe it. She is nothing but sunshine and giggles, except when she’s hungry or tired. She’s starting to crawl and she’s still a wiggle worm. I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world.

We had our little photo shoot in the backyard. She’s still getting used to the camera, but she does love the camera on the phone.

Meghan’s outfit is from Gap and she has her cuddle + kind lamb, Lucy.

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