Apartment Update on a Monday Morning

Today is my day off, which means I should sleep in and relax right? Not really…

Today I was woken up by the hubby while he was getting ready for work and I just could not go back to sleep. I know that happens to the best of us, but when it happens on your day off you can’t help but feel a little bummed. However there is something about just laying in bed and not doing anything. I love doing that.

So a couple things.

Here are our awesome costumes! I know I didn’t blog and I felt so empty, but that’s what happens when we you switch your work schedule every week.

Batman and Robin!

Also, we made a few couple updates to the apartment!

Remember the bookcase from Ikea that wasn’t complete? Well Myke was able to complete it and he put it next to my new desk for me. It still needs to be organized, but I love it!
The second thing was mostly because of Myke. He found this table on the side of the road and thought that it would look cool in our place. When he brought it home, I wasn’t the biggest fan, mostly because of the color. However Myke told me that it was real wood and that we can paint it any color and we both immediately agreed that it would be painted white. 
So that’s what we did…

Please ignore the pile of clothes in the background.

We painted 2 coats of white on the table and we are hoping to put it under the window along with a chair or two. Since we don’t have a porch, we are hoping that will make it a porch like area that we can either read by the window or turn the chairs around and look out the window. 
Do you like the new layout and design? That was the other thing we did this weekend. Isn’t my hubby the best?? He put up with so much from me with this blog and he deserves a huge shout out! Thanks babe!
Everything is coming along little by little, but I’m liking the little things we are doing along the way. 
How was your weekend?


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