My first Superman

For some of you, you know one of my nicknames for Myke is Superman. He really is my Superman, he is sweet, caring, and always comes to my rescue. Well it’s hard to believe, but I had a Superman before Myke came along. A man that I had for 21 years and still have him today-my father. My father is the greatest man I have ever known. Through out my life I have had problems and celebrations and he has been there for all of them. My dad and I have many traditions. One of the funnest ones is basketball. My dad is a basketball coach and ever since I was little my dad has taken me to basketball games, his and other games. I think that’s one reason I love basketball so much, it reminds me of my dad.

Well today is his birthday.

Happy Birthday Dad. Thank you for everything you have done for me and everything you will do. You are so wonderful and I love you!

This is one of my favorite pictures taken at my wedding, my dad helping me into church, to walk down the aisle

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