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Awkwardly Awesome Thursday

This week I have been so bad about writing, but I promise everything will be explained…

Besides the obviously awkwardness I do at my job, nothing else really happened that was super awkward. Late nights at the coffeeshop, we get pretty awkward. We laugh a lot about things that happen because it’s so late we don’t even care. The people I close with are always fun people and we have fun and we get everything done. It’s a good combo 🙂


My mother-in-law and I 🙂

Myke is helping me redesign my blog, it may be possible I will be switching to another server, but keep your eyes open!!

Another awesome thing happened this week, Myke and I have made the decision to move 🙂 Our lease is up in a month and we will be moving back to be near my job, our friends, and to a more familiar area. Hopefully the place we found will work out and we can move in super soon and I will most likely start the whole apartment makeover and hopefully I will be able to show my makeover online and add a little more spice to the blog 🙂

This week not only was my Dad’s birthday, but it is my mother-in-law’s birthday today as well. She is a wonderful woman! She is so inspiring to people and I can only hope that I can raise my family the way she raised her family. She raised one amazing boy that I had the honor of marrying and another one who is the best brother anyone could ever ask for. She is an amazing woman and I hope she has a wonderfully blessed day!!
Kim, you are an amazing mother and an even more amazing mother-in-law and I’m so happy that I was meant to be in your family. I love you 🙂

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