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Let's Go to Sea Quest

QUICK BLOG SCHEDULE UPDATE: Allison and I will be pausing the weekly vlogs for a little bit as we work on a new baking series for the channel. We really want to promote this and put together a trailer, and almost treat it like a little show. So unfortunately it means we need to do a bunch of filming and editing for it, so we won’t be able to keep up with a weekly vlog. But never fear, we will let you know when we’re back!

What happens when things don’t go to plan? On Saturday, we woke the girls up from their nap excited for that afternoon’s activity! It was Free Museum Day in Sacramento which happens once a year. Allison and I had perused the list and of all the participating museums, we chose the Sacramento Children’s Museum.

Apparently, so had every other parent in Sacramento county! When we arrived at the museum at around 3 pm there was a line out around the building and into the parking lot. The museum closes at 4.

We were a little personally sad, but also worried. We had told Olivia we were going on an adventure, and she was so excited when we left. She walked around while we were getting shoes and jackets just say “venture, venture”.

We had promised and adventure, so now we must deliver one, or break a 2 year old’s heart! I hopped on the freeway and headed east towards Folsom (because there’s this really cool outdoor mall called the Palladio, which we would end up at if we couldn’t find anything) while Allison started googling.

She found what looked like a cool place called Sea Quest, an aquarium and petting zoo in the Palladio mall. So we headed that way!

Now it’s a little pricey, but for us, Olivia’s face was so worth it! She loved feeding the fish and we even got to pet some trout! We stared at stingrays, saw a giant tortoise, and some lounging capybaras. Olivia and Meghan had a fantastic time!

Tickets are $16.95 ($14.88 if you order online) for 12+ and $10.95 ($8.88 online) for 2-11. Feeding the different animals is an additional cost of $2 per token, with discounted bundles available. We got the 6 tokens for $10, they never expire so the 2 that we didn’t use we can bring the next time we go and save a little money.

While we didn’t do them, you can buy some extra experiences, like a 1-on-1 interaction with a sea otter, and snorkeling with stingrays, and a few sharks.

The place was packed with parents and other kids, just having a blast! After walking through and seeing the exhibit, we let the girls calm down a little bit by walking around the Palladio sidewalks and doing some people watching.

Then, it was time for dinner so we loaded up and had some slow-cooked tri-tip. All in all, it was a fantastic Plan B!

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