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Travel Vlog: Allison Goes to Tea

You know when you write a whole blog post and it’s one of your favorites talking about how glorious the tea was how beautiful everything looked, how great it was to be back at our old church, and to have a night away? Then you go to publish it once your video is done and ready to be published and then it’s gone? Just me?

So here we are, the girls are napping and I’m writing down my thoughts once again with my Hallmark Christmas movie playing in the background.

To sum up my whole LA trip, it was restoring and productive.

The theme of the tea was All Things New and it was refreshing for me to hear and to be reminded that God is not done with me and my story. When you are a stay at home mom and around young children all the time, you forget that there is more to life and you need time for yourself. It was nice to be around my old friends again, reminding myself of who I am.

It was productive because I filmed this video all on my own (except for the little segment Myke shot at McKinnley park). I didn’t film as much as I was planning, but doing it by yourself when you have all your luggage can get a little overwhelming and takes some practice so I’m glad that I had the opportunity to give it a try. I’m looking forward to getting better as time goes on. Hopefully, I will have more practice while traveling, all I need is a destination!

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