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Let's Bake a Chocolate Cake!

On Sunday Allison’s family celebrated her Grandmother’s 92nd birthday! It was a really fun afternoon with lasagna, salad, and of course…Chocolate Cake!

Martha Stewart's Chocolate Cake
Olivia was quite the helper!

Allison’s grandmother requested a chocolate cake, and Allison offered to bake it for her! Now the question was, of the thousands of chocolate cake recipes, which should we do? Well when talking with my mom, she said that you can never go wrong with a Martha Stewart recipe.

Martha Stewart's Chocolate Cake

Allison grabbed her copy of Martha Stewart’s Baking Handbook, (Pick up your own copy here!) and found her One Bowl Cupcake / Cake recipe. This cake was super easy to make and turned out exactly as expected. Plus, it was delicious! It will definitely become a staple in our house for years to come!

Martha Stewart's Chocolate Cake
Perfect timing!
Martha Stewart's Chocolate Cake
Wet and dry ingredients all added!

Now that we had the sponge sorted, it was time for a frosting. Sadly, to our personal taste buds, we choose poorly. We made the Dark Chocolate Frosting from the same book, and we thought it was a little too dark. We probably should have made the frosting designed for the one-bowl chocolate cake, but we didn’t know it existed.

Martha Stewart's Chocolate Cake

In the end, the frosting paired with the cake, ended up working. And our family loved it!

Martha Stewart's Chocolate Cake

What is your favorite chocolate cake recipe? Tell us down in the comments!

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