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Solo Parenting on a Saturday

Allison had the awesome opportunity to visit our LA friends for their annual Ladies Tea this past weekend. So that left me taking care of the girls for the weekend. What an exciting adventure!

5:15 AM

Allison and I climbed into the CRV, it was dark outside and we could see our breath in the cool morning. We made our way to the Airport as Allison gave me a last-minute rundown of their typical days. All the nitty-gritty details, like how often to give them snacks, what to pack in the diaper bag when going out. I dropped her off and headed home.

6:30 AM

zzzzzZZZzzzzzzZZZZzzz…..I went back to sleep :).

7:30 AM(ish)

I started to hear the girls stir and talk to each other, time to get ready to hang out with them. On Saturdays, I usually wake up with the girls and we have a special breakfast, bacon, eggs, and blackberry toast. I got the oven turned on to make the bacon.

PRO TIP: Cook your bacon in the oven, and put a piece of aluminum foil down and fold the edges up to catch all the grease. It simplifies clean up since all you have to do is wait for the grease to cool and then you can just wrap up the foil.

8:00 AM

I went in to greet the girls and get them ready for breakfast. As we ate, I explained what we’d be doing that day. My parents had invited us to go on a little adventure to McKinnley part in Midtown Sacramento. It’s a lovely park with a pond, rose garden, and one of the coolest playgrounds in Sacramento. 

10:00 AM

The girls went with my Mother in Law to the park to watch the kids playing soccer. This gave me some time to get some chores done around the house and get dressed for the day.

11:00 AM – 1:50 PM


2:15 PM

Mimi and Pops rolled up and we greeted them at the door, dressed, fed and ready for adventure! 

3:00 PM – 6:00 PM

Meghan and Olivia loved walking around the rose garden! It was this nice space for Meghan to walk around and explore. Then we walked over to the little pond and watch the geese and ducks swim. The girls got a little bored after a few minutes, so it was off to the playground!

This playground is fantastic! The walkways are all that nice rubber flooring, the main play structures have wood chips underneath, and there are swings for days! 

We pushed the girls on the swings and just talked and connected until Olivia had enough watching and wanted to go play! Then she proceeded to drag my Dad all around the playground for the next hour. They climbed rock walls, went on slides, tried just about every swing in the place and had a blast!

For dinner we went to BurgerIM, a fantastic local slider chain, with 4 million different combinations of burgers, with a unique style of french fry, they’re more like puffy chips! OJ had some chicken strips, and MJ ate a whole order of fries!

6:30 PM

With a herculean effort, I began the monumental task of putting the girls to bed by myself. Starting with a luxurious bubble bath, and ending with a crying Meghan that didn’t understand that she couldn’t just unroll all the toilet paper while I was dressing Olivia.

7:00 PM

A short storytime and prayer later, the girls were in bed, then by about 7:30, they were asleep, and I could relax a little.

We’ll be posting Allison’s vlog of her trip a little later, once I get a chance to sit and edit it.

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