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Easter Weekend Recap

This past weekend was amazing. It was jammed packed with places to go and people to see, but I didn’t mind. They were places I wanted to go and people I wanted to see. Well except work on Saturday night.

Saturday started off with our last practice for Easter Sunday. We got up early and went to church and then went into Pasadena and met up with Myke’s parents who were here for the weekend. They took us to Chipotle for some delicious tacos and then off to Old Navy to pick out some Easter clothes. I then had to go into work and Myke hung out with his parents for a little bit and then worked on the Easter vido presentation. It ended up being a long night for both of us.

Sunday we were up EARLY. We got ready for the day and went to church. It was a beautiful day and I was so proud to be a part of it. After we went to a very nice lunch at the Marmalade Cafe in Sherman Oaks. I had an amazing club sandwich while Myke got fancy grilled cheese and tomato basil soup. Amazingly good! After lunch, Myke’s parents took us to the movies. A Clements family holiday tradition. The movie choice was Olympus Has Fallen. The film wasn’t too bad. The actors were awesome and the story was interesting. I was a little uneasy that a group of terrorists can take over the White House so quickly and easily, but it’s a movie. Overall it was a good ride.

Sunday night, Myke and I relaxed at home together. It was a good calm night for us after a busy weekend.

The Outfits!
Sweater: Old Navy
Top: Old Navy (part of Six Piece Remix)
Pants: Old Navy (this is the Diva style. It’s just Old Navy’s skinny jean style)
Shoes: Old Navy
Necklace: Elisabeth Ashlie (Etsy shop here)
Shirt: Target
Tie: JC Penny
Pants: Old Navy
Belt: Old Navy
Shoes: Old Navy
Fun story about both of our hair cuts. Both were done by us. Myke trimmed his hair himself and I trimmed my bangs that morning. They are a little long, but I get nervous. I cut my bangs too short once and so since then I’ve been a little nervous. This time they weren’t too bad 🙂
Also Old Navy is an AMAZING place to get some nice clothes at a good price. Myke and I usually shop there for any holiday there. Plus their sales are awesome! I would shop there every day if I could. 
Us on stage. Photo taken by Myke’s mom. 
Happy people on Easter. 
What did you guys do for Easter?


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