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Olivia-9 Months Old

Yesterday Olivia turned 9 months old. 39 weeks ago we drove to to the hospital and out popped Olivia. This little girl has been such a joy for us. Even when she teething, not sleeping, or doing something we told her not to do dozens of times, she is a doll.

I never would have thought that I would be taking my daughter’s 9 month picture in my parents backyard-which I guess is my temporary backyard. She’s been exploring everything in her new temporary homes (my parents and my in laws). She’s been crawling everywhere, but dying to walk. She’s starting to stand on her own which is terrifying to think about.


  • Linda Mountainbeach

    Isn´t it amazing how life with kids seams to pass by so much quicker than it did before? I have the sensation my soon to be seven years as a mom has flown away. She´s lovely by the way. Take care, much love, Linda.

    • Allison

      Thank you so much! These 9 months have flown by-I think it’s something I only understand now that I’m a mom. Thanks for stopping by and reading!!


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