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H54F: Easter Weekend.

This weekend of course marks Easter, one of my favorite holidays. I love being in church during this time. It’s a happy and fun time with both adults and kids. Here are some highlights that have happened and will happen this weekend. Sorry for the quick post, I’m actually supposed to be getting ready for work. But I love blogging more 🙂

1. I have my second interview next Monday with that job I was telling you all about. Prayers would be especially appreciated now.

2. My in-laws are coming into town for Easter. My brother-in-law won’t be here, but he will in spirit and it’s comforting knowing he has people to be with during this time. I like when my in-laws visit, they are really fun people. Plus we get to show them what we have been up to and show them our place, since they haven’t seen it since we moved in.

3. It’s starting to get a little warmer here, it’s been going back and forth between hot and windy. The sad part is, it’s supposed to rain on Sunday. We may have to come up with a plan B for the Easter Egg Hunt at church.

4. Myke and I get to clean the apartment tonight. We like cleaning together, but I love the feeling after a good clean. Don’t you?

5. This Sunday of course is Easter. If you are in the LA area and looking for a church, I would encourage you to come to our church in Northridge. Hope Christian Church of Northridge. I will be the girl playing the piano and my husband will be the one playing the electric guitar. Come on by!

Have a beautiful weekend everyone! 
Happy Easter!
He is Risen! 

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